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bwpsgmyJust so you know Brutality Will Prevail are heading to South East Asia this May. We’re all really excited about this and hopefully you guys too. Been listening to them since 2009 after recommended by Marty of Carpathian. Finally able to see them played here next month. For those who not familiar or never heard of them. Do check them out. Pretty sure you gonna love to see them destroy the stage.  Mark your calendar and go rage with them.

“Cinematic hardcore tuned to drop HELL on downers. Slow, thick and sludgy, Brutality Will Prevail are like a suffocating black tar or a steamroller hellbent on a slow march to hades. Beneath it all shards of strewn melodies and refrains drag you even further into this bands HEAVY FUCKING SHIT – Holly Roar Records”.


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BANE Southeast Asian Tour 2012

Here you go guys, the complete SEA tour route of Boston hardcore band, BANE. Be sure to catch them on these dates. You will not be regret that.

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Backtrack – Darker Half World Tour : Part 2

Backtrack (US) did a SEA tour with our fellow Indonesian friends Final Attack back on early February. This video is a recap what they did throughout the tour. Big ups to Ricky Singh  for the video.

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See you guys at …..


By our Lion City friends, MNDxFCK & Prettig Productions. With side acts by :

Kids on the Move (Malaysia)

Flesh Disgorged

Ruins and Remains

Fc FiVE “The Anthems” CD and tour merch will be sold at the gig. Bring your hard cash to get these gems before they run out of stock.

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Fallen Comrades. :(

Taken from Strait Times and Crank Arm Steady.

Two of our Singaporean friends were recently involved in an accident. Both of them suffered terrible injuries and were rushed to the hospital. Bertram, one of the cyclist, suffered serious head and spine injuries. Unfortunately, his friend Benjamin was pronounced dead after doctors decided to remove his life support. RIP Benjamin.

To all cyclists around the world, please ride well and safe.


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