THE CARRIER from Boston.MA  finally end their journey on March 23rd after 6 year been together as a band. We manage to interview them for the last time before their final european tour and final show @ Wonderland Ballroom, Revere. MA.

Q : Hi guys, as all worldwide hardcore kids already notice that the journey of “ The Carrier ” is come to end . Some or many of us didn’t know the real reason for it ? Can you tell us about it.

A : When the band started in 2006, we were all between the ages of 16 and 17 years old. Since then, we’ve seen a lot of places and made a lot of friends, and we are forever grateful for that. But frankly, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for us to keep performing songs that we wrote when we were so young. Even though we are still best friends, the overall artistic morale of the band seems to be dwindling. Musically, we are growing apart. We still appreciate the songs we’ve written, but for us, they had a time and a place. That time has passed. Thus, it only felt appropriate that we split.

Q : Tell us about your last European tour , who you guys with played with / tour with ? Did you guys request to choose some band to share a stage with you guys along in this tour ?

A : The last European tour we did was with All Teeth, from Long Beach, California. Initially, we didn’t choose to tour with them. It just so happened that they were looking to go to Europe at the same time as us, so we made an arrangement without really knowing much about them. Luckily, we got along extremely well and became great friends. They’re an awesome band, personally and musically. We loved them so much that we asked them to play our last show in Boston on March 23rd. We’re beyond excited to reunite with them for one last party. We will also be doing one more week of European shows by ourselves this upcoming March. We’re really excited to play there one last time.

Q : For the past few years you guys stick with Deathwish Rec and release 3 released under them, seems like they are doing a great job as records label . If possible to tell us how is all begin ? Did you guys been approach by them straight after you guys release the demo ?

A : Deathwish was our favorite hardcore label even before we started The Carrier. We always aspired to work with them, and as it turned out, we were lucky enough to fulfill this dream. After we recorded our EP “No Love Can Save Me,” we showed them the tracks and they liked the direction we were heading towards. Later on, they released a reissue our first full length “One Year Later,” and lastly, our final release, “Blind To What Is Right.” They’ve been very good to us and we’re happy to call them friends.

Q : Apart from “ The Carrier ” do any bandmates active in other band or label ?

A : Some members play in another band from Boston called The Bonus Army. They just recorded a new record called “Burn Your World,” and it’s awesome. Everyone should definitely check them out.

Q : Seems like you guys being touring US and Europe why not choosing world tour [Japan, Australia, Malaysia and South East Asia] as Have Heart done before their official breaking up?

A : We would have loved to tour all those places, but there were always some setbacks. When Have Heart broke up, they were probably the most well known name in hardcore. They could draw much bigger crowds than us in places like South East Asia or even South Africa. Financing and setting up tours in those places never seemed feasible to us. Also, we were never a “full time” band, meaning we only toured a couple months out of the year. Because of this, I don’t think we gained as much exposure as we could have. We all go to school and work, so we are busy people aside from our lives with The Carrier. We did talk about doing Australia at one point, but things just never panned out as we planned.

Q : Among all this tour which one that you guys still keep talking about until now ? why ? worst or great memories ?

A : That’s really hard to answer. I think we’ve had fun on all of our tours. The best one might have been January, 2011 in Europe. That was right when “Blind To What Is Right” just came out, and it was a pretty exciting time for us. Lately, we’ve been reminiscing a lot on our first tour ever with The Bonus Army. That was pretty special, considering it was our first time on the road and we were all really young. Not a lot of people really knew us at the time, but we were just excited to get out of Boston and play to strangers, even if the shows were small.

Q : Among all “ The Carrier ” release which one you think is the best release ever ? why ?

A : I think that all of our releases have a place in our hearts. People seem to be most receptive to our three song EP, “No Love Can Save Me.” In this sense, those songs are probably most fun to play live. Though, again, this a hard question to answer. Every release is a reflection of the time that it was written, so it’s difficult to pick favorites.

Q : After all this news about disband will you guys reunion again ? Will it be possible as what the nowdays band do ?

Like I said before, this band had a time and place. I don’t see us reuniting any time soon, if ever. Who knows? Maybe years down the road we will play again if it feels right. But for now, it doesn’t seem like a realistic prospect.

Q : If you guys giving a chance to do a cover band release, which band or song it’s going to be ?

We once tried to cover “Zero” by the Smashing Pumpkins, but we got too apathetic to finish it. We never the kind of band to do covers, to be honest.

Q: As many band out there they have their own dream or mission why they in a band ? Do you guys already complete yours ?’

A : I don’t think we really had any expectations when we first started playing music together. We had no clue that we were going to do half of the things we did. We’ve been really lucky, and undoubtedly, there is definitely a sense of fulfillment looking back on the six years of our existence. Overall, it would be pretty selfish of us to have any bitter feelings towards the band. We’re very thankful for everything we’ve gotten to experience together. In light of this, I would say that our “mission” is complete.

Q : Finally do you guys have any final words or statement to kids especially in 3rd world country who dig and love “ The Carrier ” but don’t have a chance to see them live … Thank You .

A : Thank you for all your support. It truly blows our mind that people in Malaysia actually even care about us. We wish we could have made it over there, and we hope that our music has had some sort of positive impact on your lives.

Thank You,
Alex (guitar player for The Carrier)

Interview by : Nizam Reflection

THE CARRIER (2006 – 2012) :

Anthony – Vocals | Andrew – Guitar | Dickie – Guitar | Freddy B – Bass | Mike – Drums


Deathwish Inc




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